Syndicat Viticole de Saint-Romain en Bourgogne  

The Wines

Established in 1947, the appellation Saint Romain, situated in Coast of Beaune, produces white and red wines on approximately 100 hectares. The main climates are Poillange, La Perrière, Sous le Château, Sous la Velle, Sous Roches, Le Jarron...

White wines, approximately 55 hectares situated in the continuation of Meursault and Auxey-Duresses, appear under a pale golden dress in green reflections. They offer to the nose, all the range of lime trees, white flowers, with some mineral accents and in mouth a maid minerality that the time rounds off by revealing a good softness.

Its minerality is a friend of delicate fishes, fried or even better in the vapor. Omelets and soft-boiled eggs, vegetables just seized or marinaded appreciate them so a lot. Very well also on soft cheeses as camembert, of which the creamy texture will be balanced well by the slightly mineral acidity of this beautiful wine. Serve between 12 and 14 °C.

Red wines, on 45 hectares present a dress ruby of good intensity and black cherry. Later 4 - 5 years, their aromas evolve towards mature fruits, spices and smoked with fine and elegant tannins. They can drink from their youngest age with a potential of guard of around ten years.

This smell predestines it for the agreements with white meats and poultry in light sauce. A fried just veal chop or in blanquette will adapt without big resistance. For cheeses, choose them soft and creamy as the Brillat-Savarin or the Cîteaux. Serve between 13 and 15 °C

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