Syndicat Viticole de Saint-Romain en Bourgogne  

The Vineyards

The vineyard of Saint Romain is planted with 2 main Burgundian vines, the Chardonnay and the Pinot. At the bottom of its high cliff, Saint Romain occupies in the Côte de Beaune a high position.

The landscape opens out here in large perspectives. Frequented by bears and lions 100 000 years ago, this site welcomes very active human homes of life since the Neolithic. It is one of the first sanctuaries of the vineyard in Burgundy.
In the country of the lower Jurassic the vineyard takes position on the slope, taking advantage of it sweetening and excellent grounds.

In this marly and calcareous set, the clayey banns suit particularly well in the Chardonnay.

Vineyards are exposed the south/southeast and north/northeast, between 280 meters and approximately 400 meters in height.

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